Hangmen Also Die (Demo)

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My Country Tis Of Thee Shit

Fuck your authority, fuck you badge!
Fuck your cross, shove it, up your ass!
I’ll never come around to your way of thinking.
Your mindset reeks of shit and its fucking sickening!

I will never understand how you praise a country
That’s based on lies, innocent blood and corruption.

More Fucking Idiots, More Of The Same

Here we go again with the same old shit.
Innocent people get murdered and the cops get away with it!
This is what goes on in the land of the free.
Still blind fucking idiots refuse to see

How the fuck do you walk around so blind?
Is it going to have to happen to you before you open your eyes?

Every Empire Falls

Every since the beginning of time.
Every fucking leader has been shit and slime.
Nothing ever changes just the way they tell the lies.

Now comes the time.
Humanity is crawling.
This is the end.
Civilization has fallen.

Festering Shit Called Humanity

Just take a look around.
This is not the way it should be.
Our society’s fucking sickening.
And the disease is spreading.

There will never be any honesty and trust as long we are ruled by greed driven lust.

Praise be, fuck that

I refuse to be subservient.
You want my trust.
You didn’t fucking earn it.

Reoccurring Life Theme

Your child comes to you with a question.
Your response is a slap to the face.
"Just go away you unwanted bastard".

What the fuck have you done?
Is this how you treat your loved ones?

A Country Fit For Garbage

Another bomb goes off and innocent are killed.
Here in America we worry about what celebrity gossip will spill.
Our culture is so disturbing and fucking disgusting.
Nothing ever changes just push the fucking button.

Think About It

Always looking to the heavens.
For answers To questions
that could be answered
With reality and common sense.

But I guess that’s too much to ask from a world with its head up its ass.

Its Great You Have An Opinion, Tell Someone Who Gives A Fuck!

I don’t want to hear a thing you say.
Your opinions are shit go the fuck away.
How did you survive growing up?
Your mind is dead, shut the fuck up.
Always an opinion but never a solution.
Other peoples words your retribution.
I can’t stand a word you say.
Your brain is dead and your mind is fucked.

I just want you to go away.
I can’t stand another fucking day.
What you stand for is so fucked up.
You make me sick to my fucking guts

Useless Way Of Going Through Life

Searching for answers to life’s greatest questions,
But they continue to go on unanswered.
That’s because you put your faith in a heaven.

Instead of trusting what’s in your heart by blindly following your left in the dark.

Searching for answers to life’s greatest questions but they continue to go on unanswered.
Instead of trusting what’s in your heart by blindly following your left in the fucking dark

The Lines Been Drawn, Please Don’t Try To Snort It!

How the fuck can you do that shit?
You cocaine covered hypocrite.
You go on about injustice and war.
What about the bodies it was shipped here in?

How many kids do you think got shot?
How many families had their heads cut off?


from Hangmen Also Die (Demo), track released January 1, 2015
Fernando / Base, Vox
Chris / Drumz, Vox
Grady / Getar



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